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Company profile

Doug Phillips and Mike Turman started Phillips and Turman Tree Farms in 1977.

In that time Doug has served as both a past President of the Virginia Nursery and Landscape Association (vnla.org) and past Chairman of the Agribusiness Council of Virginia (http://www.va-agribusiness.org).

His son David has been attending Nursery trade shows since he was one year old and started working in the fields with the digging crew when he was a teenager. Since then he received an engineering degree and two Master’s of Business from Virginia Tech and works in all aspects of the business. Also see our “Other Divisions” tab to see other companies we are involved in.

Our crew is one of the most experienced you will find anywhere. Our foreman has been working the crew since 1982, and all of our employees have at least 15 years experience, allowing us to shear and ship a superior product than you may find elswhere.

What we offer








In this industry, if you only grow one or two things, then you must do it pretty well. Our team is focused on bringing you the BEST White Pine and Norway that you can find.

Having served as both President of the Virginia Nursery and Landscape Association and Chairman of the Agribusiness Council of Virginia, owner Doug Phillips UNDERSTANDS the industry from everyone’s perspective, allowing us to understand and better serve our customers.

With over 1,000 acres growing, we may be the largest grower of landscaping White Pine in the nation. This means that we will have the sizes you need and be able to select the BEST from our fields.

We have been selling to many major nurseries for over 30 years. They continue dealing with us because they TRUST our product and know that if we say we will do something, our word is good.

Many of our buyers tell us that they like the LOOK of our tree better than other growers. Our experienced crew (Foreman has been with us 28 years and our least experienced man 14 years) knows how to shape up a LIGHT SEMI-SHEARED tree. We also space our trees further apart than most growers giving our larger trees room to grow. Add in a larger root ball and you will find our trees to be a superior product.

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